DigitalSwitzerland pulling ahead internationally, framing the legal grounds for Blockchain Technologies

#DigitalSwitzerland is taking another stance for establishing itself internationally as a hub for digital technologies and business models laying out a legal framework for Decentralized Ledger (DLT) and Blockchain Technologies.

Swiss Federal Council adopted a report  December 2018 reflecting the work of a finance and fintech expert group. The scope of this fundamental paper is cross-industry and thereby goes beyond the predominantly affected finance sector and its already widely known digital derivatives like ICOs or crypto currencies (which have recently be battered quite a bit).

It addresses the Swiss economy as a whole and therefore also provides orientation for a multitude of innovations and digital business models which will transform also other industries sooner or later. Amongst others and from my perspective, particularly automation potential and its efficiency gains through Smart Contracts use cases should be further observed …


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