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Tokenization - Definition, Challenge and Use of the Token Economy
09. February 2022
Tokenization allows virtually any real-world asset to be represented on the Blockchain. By 2027, according to a WEF estimate, 10% of global GDP will be stored on the Blockchain, around USD 9.38 trillion. The central building block for the emergence of a token economy is tokenization. This article describes what it is all about and its partly disruptive significance.

19. December 2018
#DigitalSwitzerland is taking another stance for establishing itself internationally as a hub for digital technologies and business models laying out a legal framework for Decentralized Ledger (DLT) and Blockchain Technologies. Swiss Federal Council adopted a report December 2018 reflecting the work of a finance and fintech expert group. The scope of this fundamental paper is cross-industry and thereby goes beyond the predominantly affected finance sector and its already widely known digital...