This blog is about developments in the DLT, Blockchain and Crypto-sphere relevant to the Blockchain Nation Switzerland with its established regulatory DLT framework and a living and globally recognized  blockchain ecosystem. Specific focus lies on the dynamic developments in the international regulatory blockchain and crypto-space as well as on selected multi-purpose blockchain-based projects in the Defi, DAO, NFT area based on Smart Contracts and dApps.

The hammerblock.io is a blog powered by HammerExecution and with Markus Hammer as the author behind.


Markus is a financial market expert in the field of digital and regulatory transformations, a professional history of more than 20 years as a senior business advisor, delivery manager and program director, and as a founder and business developer with footprints in corporates, SME and start-ups in Switzerland and abroad. He is a trained lawyer with Swiss bar exam, certified project manager and holds an EMBA in new business development, ...

... with a passion for the blockchain space, ...

... and a mission to  help unleash the decentralized innovation power originating from Blockchain
ecosystems, directed towards a more self-sufficient environment


He is happy to share his interest in the field and advise upon - contact details see below.