Ethereum & Co. as general-purpose blockchains are more than Bitcoin

General purpose blockchains like Ethereum are more than Bitcoin as a single purpose Blockchain. The underlying network with its literally unlimited use cases generates higher value to the real world ... and longer term that will also be reflected in the valuation of the coin, despite, price correlation between BTC and ETH is still high, currently.

In this article on MoreThanDigital, I will highlight the similarities and differences between the two networks and what Ethereum’s additional benefits for the economy, society and ultimately every individual are, which are only gradually becoming apparent. It also explains why this network benefit is reflected as a real value in the Ether token, a view that most traditional economists are not (yet) willing to follow. Since the equally young and complex megatrend blockchain / “crypto” is only just beginning to arrive in society, the opportunity is also taken to explain selected aspects of blockchain technology as a whole.

Full read here in MoreThanDigital

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