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First time in history, a crypto mixer put on the U.S. Sanction list to freeze the flow of stolen crypto in the DeFi space - How effective is it?
07. May 2022
n March the Axie Infinity Ronin bridge was hacked and $625 million stolen, supposedly by North-Korean cyber criminals. What is special of the crypto-hack this time? Its scale, one of the biggest in history, its malicious actors, a Nation-backed criminal cyber group (Lazarus), and particularly its novel means of enforcement. In this short article, I provide the details behind and conclude, how effective crypto addresses on a sanctions list are to prevent money laundering in the DeFi space.

Part 2 of "A Digital Franc for Switzerland; Is there a reason to worry?": A CBDC, its benefits and threads
05. April 2021
This is part 2/3 by Markus Hammer about a digital Franc for Switzerland. It explains what a CBDC as a digital state currency is and what its benefits and threads could be based on its design. It is about CBDC, wholesale CBDC vs retail CBDC, legal tender, eGovernment, KYC checks, data privacy, disintermediation, financial stability, monetary policy, CBDC thread