Regulatory compliance & legal support

At Hammer Execution we are trained lawyers (attorney at law) with a track record in advising on upcoming regulatory changes and running regulatory transformations in multiple fields. Thereby we increase quality and effectiveness of project delivery towards regulatory compliance. In addition, we cover or provide support in legal matters, e.g. contract reviews, contractual / commercial negotiations or procuring legal documents for new business incorporations, a service particularly valuable for SME and startups.

Our Service

  • Regulatory impact assessments: Analysis of relevant financial market regulation, its business impact (organization, processes, systems) and delivery of a customized project plan to deliver regulatory compliance in time
  • Advice in financial market regulation, e.g.: Too Big to Fail (TBTF), GDPR, MiFID 1/II, FiDLEG, Client onboarding incl. AMLD / CDB, Final Witholding Tax / FATCA, upcoming regulation for digital services like Blockchain and DLT technologies
  • Legal coordination service: Facilitate coordination of legal / compliance / regulatory teams and streams with functional expers and project / program management in large scale projects
  • Vendor evaluation and negotiations: Preparation, internal coordination and leading of vendor negotiations
  • Legal support service: Procurement and review of legal documents, e.g. commercial contracts, bi-lateral and multi-lateral partner agreements (incl. clauses on e.g. exclusivity, IP protection), corporate charters, general terms and conditions, data protection terms, service level agreements, NDAs and more